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Ode To The Bookshop!

Tis the day after Christmas, just after 8,

And all through the bookshop, what treasure await!

Soon there'll be shoppers, the doors will re-open.

To welcome each book lover and their BOOK TOKEN

For now, in their quiet, considered locations,

The books await readers with anticipation.

Each of them has its own story to tell

Though all share that glorious brand-new-book smell.

As the winter sun dawns through the window display.

Casting light on the shelves where the bestsellers lay.

You might be forgiven for thinking that there

Be some magic afoot in the silent still air.

A magic which answers the simplist wish:

For that one perfect book, and those hours of bliss.

As you travel its pages, wherever they lead.

A booklover's joy: first to browse, then to read.

So push open the door, hold that book token tight:

Adults - browse peacefully! Children - delight!

Whatever you choose, all us booklovers here

Wish good tidings to all and a Happy New Year

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