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It's OK to not be OK

Hello Bookworms, I sincerely hope that you are well and by well I mean you have shelter, sustenance and somebody to show you love and kindness because these are the things which without we start the steady decline to unhappiness. I am going to make the assumption that as you are reading this you are more than likely to have two out of three but if you are missing that somebody to tell you it's gonna be OK or just give you a much needed hug then please be assured I am sending you a massive virtual hug right now.

I feel as we are all in this together I can share with you that this latest version of lockdown has me a little discombobulated. Up until this weekend I have struggled to find the right path forward but I am very lucky to be a part of a wonderful network of indie booksellers across the whole of the UK and we have all been able to share our concerns and support eachother in our endeavours to keep the Indie Bookshop light shining bright...even behind our currently closed doors.

In my opinion the most important thing we can do is not over exceed realistic really is OK not to be OK....the probability is that the world will not come to a grinding halt if you don't get your laundry done today or even this week. The chances are the children won't develop Rickets if they have pizza for supper and have not consumed five portions of fresh veg in the last 24 hours and so what if the postman saw you in your 2pm....with a glass of Pinot Grigio in one hand and a supersize me pack of bacon fries tucked under your arm as you wandered about the confines of your front garden encouraging the dog to exercise itself by shouting Squirrel every two minutes and pointing to the cat from next door who you are sure is giving you the same high and mighty look, from the safe height of the garden fence, as its prim and perfect owner, she who greets the same postman on the way back from her daily 5k run.

You get the picture!

My advice is do the important stuff, don't sweat the small stuff and find one thing that makes you smile today and if you need some escapism then of course books are the answer.

In the meantime I am plotting and planning ways too bring you any books you might desire and probably some you didn't know you desired - and hopefully we can catch up soon.

Be Kind, do good, share love......even on your bad days.

Kim x

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