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Burford Literary Festival 2022

After the success of Burford Lit Fest 2021 we are delighted that we are now in the stages of scheduling our authors for September 2022.

SAVE THE DATE - 22nd - 25th September 2022

Subscribe to to see what's coming - we will start to announce our authors in the coming days.

Become a FRIEND OF BURFORD LIT FEST - our FRIENDS will have early access to tickets and exclusive invites to FRIEND ONLY events.

Burford Lit Fest has been described as "the real literary festival" and was praised by both authors and guests. Our events are held within the town of Burford and our venues show the beauty and history of this stunning Cotswold Town. Many of our events are bijou and this enables the events to feel more like a conversation than a presentation.

We are also determined to keep our Lit Fest accessible so, when released, our early bird tickets will be priced at £5

We look forward to seeing you there!

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