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Bringing the Wild to Burford

I am absolutely delighted to bring you 'Wild' an exhibition of art by local artist Sally Wyatt. As the title suggests, Sally takes her inspiration from the wild places of our land. From the harbours of Mousehole on the Cornish coastline to the remote islands beyond the Scottish Highlands.

Sally says of her work, "I am interested in exploring the parallels that can be drawn between landscape processes and the human condition. Light and Dark, fragility and strength, order and chaos, always complicated, nuanced and textured. However abstracted or enigmatic, I aim for a painting to provoke wonderment and as such, to be as restorative as the nature that inspired it."

I am further delighted that Sally has priced this collection on display at The Rabbit Hole to give those new to collecting original works of art the opportunity to start their collection, prices start at £70.

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