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The sun is shining, pub gardens and bookshops are open and so we turn our thoughts to pairing books with your favourite tipple.

Personally, if the weather is warm I am a Moscow Mule kinda drinker, that elusive balance of spicy and strong I can drink all the day long and most definitely pair with some classic Virgina Wolf or my current favourite Difficult Women, A History of Feminism In 11 Fights by Helen Lewis.

My friend Lou Lou spends her days designing high spec websites but when we do persuade her to step away from her desk she is a Tequila girl through and through. Lou Lou has a refined taste in Tequila and only drinks the good stuff, not the cheep stuff washed down with kitchen salt and supermarket lemons and her book pairing is equally refined. We pair her with excellent crime novels by Elly Griffiths or Mick Herron or Lesley Thompson and to remind her of her times spent in California new release A Bright Ray of Darkness by Ethan Hawke.

If craft beer is your thing than I think there are two options. The first being Being Again, James Baldwin's America and its Urgent Lessons for Today by Eddie S. Glaude Jr or possibly anything by Ben MacIntyre whose books about espionage will keep you turning the page for many a pint.

Maybe you enjoy a whisky and to match I cannot recommend more highly either The Power of Geography, the sequel to Tim Marshalls best seller Prisoners of Geography or Mistresses, Sex and Scandal at the Court of Charles II - a skilful web of politics and passion by Linda Porter.

Of course these are simply the musings of a bookseller on a Wednesday afternoon and if you would like us to pair you with some fabulous books we know you will love then do call in and lets chat all things bookish......Moscow mules optional!

Happy Wednesday Bookworms.

Kim x

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