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ZOOM is a four letter word like life or pain or love & what ultimately matters is what we do with it

Last night saw the inaugural meeting of Novelicious, the Madhatter Book Shop Book Group and I am delighted to report the tech did what is was supposed to when it was supposed to and we enjoyed a long and animated discussion about Three Women by Lisa Taddeo ably supported by glasses of wine and cups of tea!

I realise that Three Women was a bold choice as our first book and if definitely provoked some very strong reactions. As a group I think we concluded; was this a book we wanted to pass on with cries of "you simply must read" - probably not, was this a book to re-visit again - maybe. In conclusion we agreed that whilst we might not have enjoyed this book we were glad we had read it and it certainly made each of us consider issues we might not have otherwise encountered and I personally felt this is what the author was asking us to do in the re-telling of the highly detailed narrative.

I am very excited to announce our next Novelicious book is Suncatcher by Booker Prize shortlisted author of Reef, Romesh Gunesekera. Suncatcher,recently pubilshed by Bloomsbury is the story of Kairo growing up in Ceylon in 1964, a country on the brink of change.

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