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Thank you for sharing the magic!

Thank you to everybody to who bought their pre-loved books to the bookshop for our CHILDREN'S BOOK PROJECT collection! You gave us over 200 books which will now be sorted and distributed to children who have no books to call their own.

Did you know that there is a ten month difference in the language development of 11 year old children from a book rich home compared with those with little access to books at home. By giving a child a book you have given them a chance to read and re-read the pages and to own the story for themselves. When books are readily available at home, children spend more time reading - with their parents or on their own developing the literary skills needed to succeed in school.

Your contribution has made a difference - thank you again!

Don't worry if you you missed out this time we will be collecting again during Burford Literary Festival. Watch this space so you too can make a difference.

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