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If you read one book this Summer, make it this one!

Obviously I want you all to read more than one book this Summer, if you didn't then our wonderful High Streets would quickly become devoid of indie bookshops like Madhatters, I wanted to make a point and draw your attention to a book that will turn the ship around and yes possibly change your life and as a consequence change the lives of those around you - not only those close to you but everybody you come into contact with.

Human Kind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman is the book I implore you to read - it is quite simply an unapologetic optimistic service to humanity. Bregman, historian and journalist is one of Europe's most prominent young thinkers. His last book, Utopia for Realists was an international best seller translated into over 30 languages. Human Kind is not just filled with compelling tales of human goodness - every page is stuffed with intellectual substantiated evidence that offers proof in the innate goodness and natural decency of human beings.

Booted out are ideas such as ‘veneer theory’ – the idea that civilisation is a thin veneer keeping humans from descending into barbarism – in favour of a positive view of Homo sapiens as a compassionate, empathetic, generous species.

In the Epilogue Bergman quotes film maker Richard Curtis and goes on to offer Ten Rules to Live By which I found to be an insightful breath of fresh Summer air, probably with a hint of petrichor that is not simply a do-gooders guide to being kind akin to googling Be Kind and clicking on Images - it contains titles including Dont Punch Nazis, Temper Your Empathy, Train Your Compassion and my personal favourite Come Out of The Closet and Don't Be Ashamed To Do Good.

In my opinion, one that is I think shared by book lovers across the globe, indie bookshops are places of calm and kindness and this little bookshop is a better place with this book on its shelves So do visit us, pick up a copy and let's continue to share the optimism and see humanity from a fresh brighter prospective.

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