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Channelling my inner Emily

You have to admit the front of The Madhatter Bookshop does look similar to Bagpuss and Co. and whilst Bagpuss and Co. was not a bookshop there are further similarities inside.

Amongst our shelves you will find the occasional lost and found item, these items are not for sale but I do believe each will find its true home and that happened today.

During the Spring of 2020 I came across a small violin which had been discarded on a rubbish and recycling pile. It occurred to me that it might make a pretty addition to a bookshop window display and since then has resided on our windowsill.

Until this morning.....

Two young women came into the bookshop looking for poetry books and after a few minutes asked if they could look at the violin, but of course.

Within seconds the violin had been tuned and was being played beautifully and so the discarded violin had found its home with Sophia, who wrapped it in her jacket and after purchasing some poetry books left the bookshop with the promise to return and play with for us - music in bookshops is surely a perfect combination.

I do not know if Sophia will return but I do know that our violin will be played and enjoyed and knowing that is a joy in itself.

Watch this space for events in the bookshop and an update on the adventures of our violin.

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