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Ambrose Follows his Nose

After a delightful launch with Josie Rogers, Grand-daughter to celebrated children's author Dick King-Smith we are delighted to introduce you to 'Ambrose Follows His Nose' A story started by Dick King-Smith, discovered amongst papers by his daughter and finished by Josie.

Ambrose may seem like an ordinary rabbit but he has the most extraordinary sense of smell. He can detect any aroma from sweets to kittens and even niffy foxes!

Follow the adventures of Ambrose in this story by the author of The Sheep Pig! Did you know it is 40 yeas since the publication of The Sheep Pig which went on to become the hit film Babe. Another interesting fact, it took over 30 piglets to complete the filming of Babe and Dick would only sign the contract if it was agreed that every piglet was rehomed and guaranteed a happy life, such was his love for all living creatures.

Ambrose is the perfect Bunny this Easter!

Pop in and pick up your signed copy this weekend

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