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Today is My Bookshop Birthday

Although today is just like any other Monday on Burford High Street I cannot let the day go by without mentioning that 4 years ago today I opened The Madhatter Bookshop under my name having taken the reigns from Sarah, the previous owner in February 2020 a few days before we went into pandemic lockdown!

It has been a turbulent time on the bookselling seas lurching from lockdown to economic downturn but four years on we are still here. When we opened in June 2020 I could only afford to open half the shop and we had very little stock but here we are today with a bookshop full from floor to ceiling of books for every booklover from books for babies to bedtime stories for grown ups we have something for everybody and I am so proud that we have made it so far.


If the wind blows gently in the right direction and all the ducks line up in a sweet little row in September we will bring you Little Madhatter. The Madhatter Bookshop at 122 High Street will become the focus for all our grown -up titles from the latest fiction to history to cookery to politics and our second shop on Burford High Street will be for the kids, be they toddlers or BIG kids we will have books, toys and games for the whole family! We will also be planning many more events from Grown Up Games Nights to Junior Book Clubs.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news soon until then HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US and thank you for all your support.

24th June 2020 Today!

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Happy Birthday Kim!

I can’t believe it was 4 years ago since I pestered you with greeting cards!

May there be many more birthdays to celebrate 🥳🥰


Happy Birthday Madhatter - and can't wait for all the exciting new things including the September Literary Festival x

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