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The Man Who Died Twice: The New Thursday Murder Club Mystery

After the runaway success of The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman we are delighted to bring you the next instalment, The Man Who Died Twice due out on 16th September.

Dear Elizabeth,

I wonder if you remember me? Perhaps you don't, but without blowing my own trumpet, I imagine you might. Life has worked its magic once more, and I discover, upon moving this week, that we are now neighbours. What company I keep! You must be thinking they let in any old riff-raff these days. I know it has been some while since you last saw me, but I think it would be wonderful to renew our acquaintance after all these years. Would you like to join me at 14 Ruskin Court for a drink? A little housewarming? If so, how would 3 pm tomorrow suit? No need to reply, I shall await with a bottle of wine regardless. It really would be lovely to see you. So much to catch up on. An awful lot of water under the bridge and so on. I do hope you remember me, and I do hope to see you tomorrow.

Your old friend,

Marcus Carmichael.

She is going through the text of the letter again in her head. I wonder if you remember me? An awful lot of water under the bridge since them.

Did Elizabeth remember Marcus Carmichael? What a ridiculous question. She had found Marcus Carmichael's dead body slumped against a Thames bridge at low tide. She had helped to carry that body up those slick stone steps in the dead of night. She had sat feet away from his corpse in a white transit van advertising window cleaning services. She had broken the news of his death to his young wife and she had stood beside the grave at his funeral, as an appropriate mark of respect. So, yes, Elizabeth remembers Marcus Carmichael very well indeed. Time to be back in the room though. One thing at a time.

Have I read it? I have indeed and in my opinion it is better than the first. With bodies piling up and a splendidly murderous plot that involves stolen diamonds and a violent mobster there is only one question to ask; Can the Thursday Murder Club find the killer (and the diamonds) before the killer finds them?

The Man Who Died Twice is a rollicking good read and I am sure it will swiftly find its way to the top of the Best Seller lists.

Click the link and send us a message to pre-order your copy today.

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