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Sweet Bean Paste - We were born to see & listen to the world

From its beautiful cover to the very last sentence this book is a gem.

Translated from Japanese, this is a short and deceptively simple story - charming, wise and very poetic. The tale is of three unlikely friendships, and a yellow canary called Marvey. It is set in a tired suburb of Toyko against a backdrop of cherry blossom and mouthwatering dorayaki (Dorayaki are a Japanese sweet treat, two small griddled pancake patties sandwiched together with a sweet paste made from azuki beans).

As the plot weaves we are swept along when Tokue gently teaches Sakura, a depressed would-be writer and reluctant Dorayaki Chef and Wakana, a teenage girl, her thoughts on the meaning of life and how to listen to the universe.

This is, without hesitation, my favourite read this year and one I shall return to time and again.

Copies are available from our Favourite Summer Reads shelf.

Sarah Moreland

Bookshop Assistant

The Madhatter Bookshop

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