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My Bed is the New Bookshop

I wish! My bed does not look like this and I definitely do not look like that in the morning!

This weekend would normally be one of our busiest in Madhatter Bookshop. Not only is it Easter but is is also the start of the schools holiday. The Inns and Hotels around Burford would be packed with visitors, the aroma of freshly made coffee and hand baked cinnamon donuts from Lynwood's Cafe mixing with the scent of new leather from shoes and handbags would be gently making its way down the hill. There would not doubt be a wedding or two. Men in sharp suits arm in arm with pretty girls in pastel shades and virtogenous heels making their way, somewhat carefully along the cobble High Street to the calling of a pre-wedding glass of champagne. The aroma of the coffee picking up the spice of the ushers aftershave and the floral tones of the pretty girls scent carrying it down to the river.

Even though the air is icy cold the bookshop doors would be open wide and I would be busy unpacking boxes of brand new books between chatting to customers, recommending books for reluctant readers to the latest Book Prize Winner - yes I am still in love with Shuggie Bain!

After a wonderfully long day of all thing literary I would lock up about 6pm and go home to a large sparkly gin and tonic with my feet up by the fire only to do it all over again on Sunday - bookshop bliss! Easter is a mix of click and collect, sorting though proofs and of course binge watching Netflix.... I have to get though every episode of Unforgotten before my life changes again and we open the bookshop doors for the first time in 2021 .... yes, on 12th April the TV remote will be thrown down the back of the sofa, the phone alarm set and I might even dig out a hairbrush and lip-gloss because we will be throwing open the bookshop doors for browsing and chatting and I am counting down the days like a kid counting down until the end of term!

This lockdown has been tough, it's been cold and dark and dull. I miss people. I miss work and I really miss the scent of new books.

So until 12th lets jam in the last episodes of our fav Netflix Series, enjoy the lack of alarm and relax in our PJ's all day long!

See you all in 9 days! We will be ready for you and we hope very much you are ready for us.

Happy Easter Bookworms.

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