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It's Our Third Birthday!

It is three years to the day that I opened our doors for the first time since being handed the reigns to The Madhatter Bookshop in March 2020. It has been a tough journey, but it's a journey I would not change for a second and I am eternally grateful to the women who came before me with particular thanks for Sarah who handed me the reigns.

Along the journey I have survived the rules and regulations of COVID, taken the battle to the online frontline as one of the 20 founding bookshops on, worked with the CHILDREN'S BOOK PROJECT to help tackle childhood book poverty, flown the PRIDE flag loud and proud on Burford High Street to shout that we are allies, held our nerve each day as the economy and our High Street struggles, strong in the belief that people still want to browse for books and that our towns will flourish once again and finally we created our favourite child, BURFORD LITERARY FESTIVAL, our not for profit festival bringing authors and audiences together in conversation, in September we will bring authors to the primary school and a fabulous program of authors over three days for you.

I raise a glass to those before me, to you for supporting Madhatter Bookshop and with a gentle breeze blowing in the right direction, my mortgage will continue to be paid and we will be celebrating again this time next year!

Thank you again, keep sharing the love of our magical bookshop and happy reading.

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