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It's Booktime!

Ever since I can remember it has been a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights. As a child my Father would return from trips to the outer reaches of Scotland or Norway and tell me stories about the magical lights in the sky. So far my dream has yet to be realised, despite my own travels to Scotland and Iceland. I have even banished child number two to Finland for her gap year with strict instructions to face time me at any hour should the Northern Lights appear!

Until that time "The Lights That Dance In The Night" by Yuval Zommer is the perfect book. A wonderfully festive picture book weaving a special kind of light up magic for us all!

With Christmas on the horizon you can read more about the latest books to be published in the latest edition of Booktime. Just click the link below and if we can help with any books you would like either for yourself to brighten the winter nights or to gift to family and friends then please do drop in and see us or get in touch.

Tel: 01993 822539

Happy Reading!

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