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Here we go again!

photo cred to @her_dark_materials

It is about this time each year that a tiny bit of imposter syndrome starts to creep in at the edges of my being and asks do I think I am doing as Founder and Creative Director of Burford Literary Festival!

I created and developed Burford Lit Fest after so many readers told me that during the first pandemic lock downs they lost their love for books and struggled to complete a novel. I wanted to remind readers how much books mean to their lives and to give them the opportunity to fall in love with reading all over again.

My first attempt was fairly chaotic but the comments we received from authors and guests made it all worth it. Now in its third year everything feels a little more refined. We moved our children's authors to work with the local primary schools, events we offer for free to insure our future readers don't miss out.

Although many publicists won't consider an event for their author unless you can guarantee a minimum of 200 filled seats I have stuck to my planned USP to keep each event small and intimate, to feel more like a conversation with an author, many of our venues are unique and of historical significance and some events take place in private houses in the town.

2023 is the first year I decided on a theme for the festival and I am delighted that we have a programme of fabulous authors talking about our environment and well-being as well as a new secret venue for The Secret Garden Party and closing, as is becoming tradition, with an evening of poetry at The Lenthall Chapel (by kind agreement of our host Matthew Freud).

All in all I am really proud of Burford Lit Fest and with only three weeks to go I will continue to push the panic away and know that whatever happens it will all be splendid!

Burford Lit Fest still acts as a not for profit event and most of our tickets are £7 so please do take a look at our programme today, get your tickets and be a part of the best bijou lit fest in the UK.

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