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Hello September!

I know it has become a cliche but how on earth is it September already, but here we are and I have to say I think it is one of my favourite months. The mornings are still light, the weather feels bright and fresh but I still don't need a big coat, the evenings are starting to draw in inviting more time to read and, of course, the September book drop by publishers is massive!

Only yesterday I added signed copies of Snow Country by Sebastion Snow, The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman, Shakleton by Ranulph Fiennes and Belonging by rugby god Alun Wyn-Jones to our shelves - there is your Christmas list all tied up in a bow right there!

If you are not quite ready for the C word just yet then how about a tiny reminder that September is

BURFORD LIT FEST month! Yes, in just five days the innaugural Burford Literary Festival will commence with Clement Knox talking about his book A History of Seduction and five wonderful days of literary love will follow with authors from Clare Chambers to Sathnam Sanghera and Lottie Moggach to Fiona Sampson. Over 45 events, free for students, free for children and general admission tickets priced accessibly at £5 head to for more info.

As well as finalising the Lit Fest and unpacking so many wonderful new books for you to peruse at Madhatters last weekend I popped up to The Jurys Inn at Hinkley Island for the Annual Booksellers Conference. Over 200 booksellers gathered in one place was a complete and utter joy, I have never seen so many smiles at a conference centre. The venue had been booked in 2019 but of course the 2020 conference has to be cancelled, we were all just glad to be together talking books and sharing retail survival tips - especially as in between booking the venue and us gathering last weekend the largest Amazon fulfilment warehouse had sprung up next to the hotel - oh the irony!

Nevertheless it was a perfectly splendid couple of days and I must say I was like a small child in Burford Sweet Shop and I returned with a car full of books and bursting with new ideas so watch this space.

Thanks for reading my musings and I look forward to seeing you soon - Happy September!

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