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A Declaration of Love

Tell Me A Dragon by writer and artist Jackie Morris ranks high in my all time top ten Desert Island Books. Even now as I attempt to convey my love for this beautiful book I am distracted and captivated by this picture and asking myself.... are there mermaids in the water....who lives on that island....where is the door to the castle....who is that fine steed looking at and why is 'she' looking so aloof?.....Tell Me A Dragon not only delights and enchants with its magical illustrations at the end of the book you are invited to imagine your very own Dragon!

My declaration of love is not only for Tell Me Dragon but for the writer and illustrator Jackie Morris. Anybody who opens their website with "The Balance of Life as an artist and writer living in Wales or, How to ignore housework" instantly gets my attention.

Like me she has a desire for a clean house smelling of roses and frankincense and one gets the impression she would like to live in a world where the wild things are and Peter and Tinkerbell drop in for tea....who wouldn't?

If you have not yet discovered the work of Jackie Morris I urge you to come in and together we can get lost in a world of Dragons, Ice Bears and The Unwinding and The Secret of the Tattered Shoes. A wonderful escape for children of all ages.

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