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A bookstore of one's own

A bookshop is more than a place you come to buy books, it is a place to immerse yourself in in the wonder of the written word, to loose yourself in other worlds and in these strange times to stop, breath, sit a while and admire the artistry and heart and soul that is sitting on the shelves within the Madhatter Bookshop.

At least, that's how I imagined it to be. A place to be lost and found, to find peace and be outraged, to smile and cry all in a brief moment of time.

After we shook hands over a sparkly gin and tonic at the Carpenters Arms in Fulbrook I drove off happily into the dark February night and my brain went into overdrive, spreadsheets and lists were implemented.

It was only a few days later that Covid 19 shut our High Streets and locked us all away in our zoom boxes I realised not everything can be put into a spreadsheet, bookshops are not opened with spreadsheets, they are opened with heart and with soul, and a modicum of common sense, after all who opens a bookshop in the middle of a pandemic?

So, please do come and visit us on Burford High Street, come chat, come sit, come be quiet, if that's what you wish, but mostly come join us in our world of the written word, I can promise you will find a warm welcome and a book in which to loose yourself.

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