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One to Watch!

Another benefit of owning a bookshop, apart from being surrounded by the scent of freshly printed paper, is the regular arrival of the proof copy. Sent out to booksellers to entice them to pre-order new titles, the proof copy is a little like peeking at your presents from under the tree on Christmas Eve.

After this adorable little beauty arrived on my doormat this week I would like to go on the record as saying "I predict a new star on the literary horizon".

Children's Editor at Harper Collins Nick Lake said “With one of the most startlingly brilliant voices I have seen in years, Francesca Gibbons takes the reader through a magical door and into a world of breathless adventure, suffused at all times with winking humour and boundless heart. I am also thrilled that Chris Riddell is bringing his peerless illustrative talents to A Clock of Stars, which is a real testament to the sheer quality of this stand-out debut. It’s time for children all over the globe to enter a whole new world – and fall in love as we did.”

If you would like to join the world of The Shadow Moth I am taking pre-orders at

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