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Judge a Book by its Cover

Today it is my darling friends birthday. Allison is a fabulous and erudite woman, a gifted designer (she did all the branding for The Madhatter Bookshop) and a true friend. She also confesses to having "Hidden Shallows" when it comes to her love for all things aesthetic.

In honour of the birthday girl and all things pleasing to the eye I give you the beautiful Macmillan Collectors Library. These pocket sided editions of all the classics from Great Expectations to The Great Gatsby are so pretty I cannot stop buying them. If like me you are running out of bookshelf space then a selection of these make a perfect library or a wonderful addition to a guest room.

Not only do they come in a large selection of classic texts they also have children's titles including I Capture the Castle, Aesops Fables, What Katy Did and The Jungle Book so they make a perfect Christening or Birthday gift.

I like to take them to dinner parties as an alternative to flowers for the host but mostly I sit at my desk in the bookshop and admire them.

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